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Black Desert





What makes us different?


Adams Off Road Shop is a locally owned, independent, family owned business with a vision to provide a level of personal service and care that we have found is missing in our industry. While the company itself may be new to the scene, the roots of our little shop stem back many years, before lightbars were a thing!

There are many factors to consider when outfitting or servicing your vehicle. We take pride in educating our customers with our many years of experience and industry knowledge. Our focus, is your passion! Not only will we outfit you with the right equipment and knowledge for your next adventure, we will provide you with the confidence to take the roads less travelled. 

This is not just our job, this is our lives and our passion! We are constantly investing in our team, our equipment and challenging ourselves to learn something new everyday. Not only does our team possess Red Seal Certifications in Automotive Technology, our team is built with enthusiasts so you know for certain that you and your vehicle are in good company.
Our goal is simple. Deliver what others can't! We take pride in our craftsmanship, our people and our customers. Whether you need routine maintenance or your ready for the next build, let us be the difference! 



Just a few of our past projects. As you can see, we are passionate about more than just vehicles with a transfer case.

Black Desert


We are an enthusiast based motorsports company that thrives off of the passion of our customers and drives to push boundaries of what’s possible in order to enhance our clients experience. We love trucks, and have a soft spot for classics, especially those with a bowtie. Even though our shop may be focused towards four wheel drive trucks and jeeps we also love lowriders and custom cars. Ultimately, if your passionate about your ride, than so are we!  


Our team believes that there is a better way to fulfill the needs of our customers in a way that will better serve them in an ever expanding market. Through offering professional educational services and knowledge, top shelf parts, professional installation with meticulous attention to detail and close follow up after-care. We believe that we can change our customers overall experience and continue to build long lasting relationships.

Honesty . Quality . Passion


Adam G


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      Adam is the Founder and Owner of our company and leads our team passionately towards our vision of creating an atmosphere and workplace that provides old-fashioned quality face to face customer service with the addition of high quality custom parts and installations for all truck and jeep enthusiasts. Adam has worked in the aftermarket automotive industry for over 15 years and has extensive knowledge and product training. He is a licensed Red Seal Automotive Technician and an active Entrepreneur. Adam spends a lot of his time working on improving himself and those around him and is always willing to give his time for a cause that he believes in. During his spare time (If he gets any) he likes to work on his personal vehicles, metal fabrication and taking his family on trips exploring our beautiful backcountry roads. 

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Tyson M

Sales / Service Advisor 

    Tyson is our Lead Sales and Service Advisor here at our shop. He takes great pride in providing top shelf parts, service and advice when it comes to outfitting your four wheel drive vehicle with the best possible solution to suit your specific needs. Tyson understands that every customer has unique requirements and expectations. Listening to our customers and developing a plan to execute elegant solutions. During his downtime, he spends the rest of his days adventuring our beautiful province in his Mitsubishi Delica capturing raw beauty through the lense of his Nikon Camera. If he's not out shooting you'll find him busting knuckles, working on his Delica. 

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Jason H.

Apprentice Technician 



Lead Security Officer

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 Jason is our newest team member, however we have known Jason for over 15 years! Jason is a true off-roading enthusiast and a long time member of the local  four wheel drive community. Whether he was building his custom tube buggy Jeep YJ or now into his current Overland Built Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ that he loves to use exploring the backroads and doing some fly fishing with his family.  Jason is proving himself to be a valued member of our team on a daily basis. He is the embodiment of our motto "Fueled By Passion". A creative Gear-Head, fabricator and mechanic with serious attention to detail, pride in workmanship and a true team player. Ensuring that he consistently delivers our customers the best installation experience time after time. 

Darwin is our shop mascot. He is a major player when it comes to maintaining balance to our environment. He enjoys spending his time licking himself and sleeping on the floor. In his spare time he enjoys walks in the park and Jeep rides!



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